Don’t Miss the Premiere Comedy Arts Festival in Chapel Hill

NC Comedy Arts Festival

There’s no greater joy than the feeling of losing yourself in laughter. Being bale to genuinely laugh is something many of us take for granted. Luckily, there are plenty of amazing upcoming festivals in Chapel Hill that are sure to put you in stitches. The biggest one, will be the NC Comedy Arts Festival! Held […]

Resolve to Go Green in Your North Chapel Hill Apartment

Resolve to Go Green in Your North Chapel Hill Apartment

You want to do your part by joining the trend of people going green. There are a few green apartment living tips you can make use of to help you on your endeavor to help protect the environment. Resolve to go green in your North Chapel Hill apartments with these tips. Recycle items that are […]

Sip on Champagne at Lantern on New Year’s Eve in Chapel Hill

Sip on Champagne at Lantern on New Year's Eve in Chapel Hill

Whether you want to enjoy a champagne toast at midnight or enjoy a delicious meal before you head out to kick up your heels at a party, you should definitely put Lantern on your list of places to go on New Year’s Eve. This award-winning restaurant has been named one of the country’s top fifty […]

Tickets are On Sale for the Chapel Hill Holiday House Tour

Cosgrove Hill Preservation Chapel Hill

One of the divine holiday events in Chapel Hill is coming up soon. The Holiday House Tour will once again let you get an inside look at some of Laurel Hill’s most magnificent houses, all decked out in their holiday finery. Seven homes are on the list this year, and it includes homes on both Buttons […]

Share Your Turkey Feast with Your Chapel Hill Doggie Companion

Wikimedia Commons

The holidays should be a fun and festive time for your family at our pet-friendly apartments in North Chapel Hill, and that includes every member of your family, even your furry friends and loyal companions. It’s also a time for preparing and enjoying delicious meals, but you should be cautious about sharing your “people” food […]

Explore Astronomy at Morehead Planetarium in Chapel Hill

Explore Astronomy at Morehead Planetarium in Chapel Hill

Perhaps you’re looking for fun yet educational events in Chapel Hill that are appropriate for your children. If that’s the case, Morehead Planetarium might have just the event for you and your family. Native American Skies will be on November 8th from 3:30 pm to 4:15 pm. The planetarium is located at 250 East Franklin Street, […]

Tell Scary Stories Around the Cosgrove Hill Fire Pit

Tell Scary Stories Around the Cosgrove Hill Fire Pit

We offer luxury and comfort year-round, but our North Chapel Hill apartments with fire pit are perfect for Halloween. What’s better than a flame and a spooky ghost story? If you want your ghost story to be the pinnacle of the night, you need to plan ahead: The first step is to choose the perfect title for […]

Green Ways to Clean Grout In Your Cosgrove Hill Tile Showers

Cosgrove Hill: Bathroom with Shower

Our luxury apartments in Chapel Hill feature ceramic tile showers that help make your bathroom look and feel beautiful. Still, there are many ways where things can get messy. Grout is one of the biggest factors of frustration in a bathroom. If you’d like some information on how to clean the bathrooms of your apartments in […]

Add Artwork to Your Walls at Festifall Arts Festival in Chapel Hill

Festifall Art Festival

Perhaps you’re looking for fall festivals in Chapel Hill. If that’s the case, Festifall is quickly approaching. This event is sure to be a great time and is the perfect way to spend a beautiful fall day. This annual festival will be on Oct. 5 from 12 p.m. to 6 p.m. in downtown Chapel Hill. See performing arts and check […]

New Movie Theater on the Way at University Mall

New Movie Theater on the Way at University Mall

If you are looking for a Chapel Hill apartment near University Mall or if you already live at our conveniently located apartments, you will be happy to hear the good news. As many of you might already know, there has been a lot of focus on redeveloping the University Mall in Chapel Hill. Considering that […]

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5 Simple ways to bring nature indoors

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The serenity of the outdoors is simple to incorporate into an apartment. Whether it’s plants, soothing scents or elements of the great outdoors, there are a number of ways to bring elements of nature into your home. Follow these apartment decorating tips to bring natural elements into your apartment: Spruce up with plants or flowers. The color, the […]

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2015 is the year to organize your apartment

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